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Charlottesville Civil and Commercial Litigation

When most people think of litigation, they envision a John Grisham courtroom drama involving a criminal defendant or a similar criminal action. However, many litigious disputes brought in courtrooms do not involve criminal actions but are instead civil suits stemming from actions such as a personal injury disputes to a business contract dispute. If you are considering civil or commercial litigation, discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of matters, including:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Employment and Labor
  • Construction Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation refers to business disputes and transactions which typically involve the purchase and sale of assets or other property. Skilled business law attorneys can ensure that all agreements and contracts are accurately drafted so that you receive what you are entitled to out of the transaction. While a business agreement may be perfectly drafted and cover all types of situations that may occur, there is always the possibility of a breach of contract. A severe breach of contract can cost you thousands of dollars or even your entire business. You should not be forced to pay this amount due to the other party’s fraudulent or deceptive actions. An experienced commercial litigation attorney will protect your rights and work to ensure that you do not lose too much of your own business.

MichieHamlett | Charlottesville, Virginia Civil and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys of MichieHamlett have decades of experience in handling civil and commercial litigation. Their unique experiences in a number of legal fields offers clients the ability to see the legal dispute from many different angles. Many attorneys who deal with commercial and business transactions do not have the litigation experience necessary in case an action needs to be brought in court. Our attorneys are well respected within the Charlottesville community and work hard to ensure our clients receive the settlement or court verdict they deserve.