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Construction Litigation in Charlottesville

Construction work involves many of the most stable jobs throughout the country, given the ongoing need for work. However, this need for jobs throughout the country might lead to hastily thrown together contracts between contractors, subcontractors, and other construction workers. If you believe that you need a stronger construction contract or need help resolving a construction dispute, you should contact an experienced construction litigation attorney who can advise you on your next steps to take.

Construction Contract Disputes

Construction work involves a host of contracts with different players in the construction process. The main construction firm often has contracts with contractors and subcontractors for different tasks involved in the development of a building. These contracts are entered into in order to ensure prompt payment and timely project completion.

Resolving a dispute over construction contracts and other issues often involves discussions with everyone involved in the construction process. This includes contractors, developers, architects, lenders, investors, engineers, and others. Construction disputes and litigation can be easily resolved if an effective construction contract is in place.

A well-written contract will provide for any potential construction defects and the easy resolution to any of these problems, concerning contractors, construction companies, and structural engineers. Attacking a construction project head-on with a construction contract will provide better peace of mind for any potential issues that may arise in the future.

However, if a contract does not specify forms of alternative dispute resolution or does not specify how the responsible party should act after a problem has occurred, the issue may have to be brought to court if the two parties cannot come to an agreement.

Other Construction Issues

Construction litigation does not always solely concern damages to the property owner, but can also involve issues brought against the property owner for lack of payment or similar problems. A property owner must be forthcoming with their payments or will risk lawsuits brought against them for payment. Construction contracts clearly lay out payment plans, including amount and timing. If one party does not follow through on this signed agreement, they face legal repercussions based on their actions and may be forced to pay for any damages the other party suffers.

MichieHamlett | Charlottesville, Virginia Construction Litigation Attorneys

Construction litigation involves two different sides: the construction industry and property owners. The attorneys of MichieHamlett can help resolve disputes between the two sides or can draft initial contracts which will prevent or avoid potential conflicts from arising. If disputes do arise, we have the necessary skills and experience to reach favorable resolutions in either arbitration, mediation, or court. Construction litigation and related construction disputes involve complex legal issues which you should not delay bringing. Our attorneys have years of experience protecting clients on both sides of construction disputes and are able to view construction issues from either side of the dispute, providing valuable insight to our clients.