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Charlottesville Consumer Protection

Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating both complex consumer protection claims in the form of class actions, and small individual claims alleging violations of federal or state laws including Virginia’s Consumer Protection Act and Lemon law.  From 2003 through the present, we have pioneered developing law of the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act, a 1996 law that we used to successfully challenge the fraudulent use of non-profit and tax exempt status to lure indebted consumers to pay exorbitant fees for debt management plans with so-called non-profit credit counseling companies.  In addition, we have successfully litigated individual Truth in Lending Act claims to protect homes from foreclosure after predatory loans, and a class action involving violations of the Home Owner’s Equity Protection Act.  Our emphasis in consumer protection law is on the use of fee shifting statutes to help individuals with small but serious claims that the consumer might not otherwise be able to afford.

We represent consumers in asserting their rights under a wide variety of state and federal consumer protection laws. We are experienced in enforcing consumers’ rights both through national class actions and individual claims brought here in Virginia. We have focused particularly on statutory violations in consumer financial services industries such as the credit counseling industry. We understand consumers’ need for strong and aggressive representation when their rights have been violated.