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Bicycle Accidents In Charlottesville

Bicycle related injuries or wrongful deaths can happen to the most experienced cyclists or recreational bicycle riders. Unfortunately, even as commuting by bicycle becomes more prominent, vehicles often do not pay attention to the bicycles around them, leading to accidents that can result in serious injury or death. Bicycle accident–related injuries can result in costly medical bills, loss of wages, and permanent disability. It is important for you to receive adequate compensation after your bicycle accident to help offset the hardships you experience as a result of your personal injury or relative’s wrongful death.

The team of legal experts at MichieHamlett of Charlottesville, VA are experts in Virginia state law regarding vehicle safety and cyclists as well as general personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you navigate the legal process for your bicycle accident personal injury or wrongful death care. With over 65 years of legal experience in personal injury, commercial, and domestic litigation, our Charlottesville, VA team of attorneys are often able to settle cases out of court. If we are unable to reach a settlement agreement, however, we will not hesitate to take your case to court and fight for your rightful retribution for your bicycle accident personal injury or wrongful death case.

Virginia has hundreds of miles of bike trails and bike lanes used by commuters, couriers, competitive athletes, and recreational riders. As bicycles become a more prominent form of transportation, it is important that the public is educated about vehicle and bicycle safety. Unfortunately, public perception about Virginia road safety is difficult to change, and despite many advances in driver safety training and safe bike lane development, bicycle accidents are still common.

Last year, 739 bicycle related crashes occurred in Virginia. While this is down from 804 in 2012, there are still far too many lives affected by bicycle crashes. Many of these cases are personal injury accidents, but 8 people were killed in bicycle accidents last year. Bicycle accidents resulting in serious injury or death can place financial, emotional, and physical burdens on the individuals involved and their families.

Despite bicycles and vehicles having to share the road, cyclists are often not considered equal to car drivers. In fact, even though most bicycle accidents are the fault of the vehicle driver, individuals who are victims of bicycle accidents are often denied adequate compensation.

A skilled lawyer is vital to success in the courtroom. MichieHamlett law firm of Charlottesville, VA can provide the legal expertise needed to win a bicycle accident personal injury or wrongful death case. Whether you are a competitive racer, professional cyclist, or recreational bike rider, our attorneys are here to protect your rights and ensure you receive the financial support you need and deserve.

If you or a relative has been involved in a bicycle accident, call us at 434-951-7200 to set up a legal consultation at no cost to you. Our free consultation delivers objective legal advice before you commit to our assistance during this process. MichieHamlett of Charlottesville, VA is dedicated to getting you the settlement you deserve after a bicycle accident injury or wrongful death.

We are confident we can win your case; we accept personal injury disputes on contingency, which means you do not have to pay us anything until we succeed. MichieHamlett law firm of Charlottesville, VA will devote all of our resources into winning your case and helping you move past your bicycle accident with rightful financial compensation.