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Burn Injuries in Charlottesville

The MichieHamlett burn injury attorneys represent clients struggling to obtain burn injury claims as a result of a variety of tragedies, including car accidents, truck accidents and construction accidents. Contact us today for caring and conscientious legal help for your burn injury claim.Every personal injury case leaves emotional scars on its victims. But severe burns are the physical scars resulting from many types of personal injury accidents, including construction accidents, electrical accidents, car accidents, truck accidents and defective products. The MichieHamlett Personal Injury Group has attorneys who specialize in each of these practice areas, and all of our attorneys recognize both the many ways that severe burns can occur and the additional burdens that burn victims must endure. In terms of both their medical needs – which can include months and years of therapy, rehabilitation, and – in cases of disfigurement – cosmetic and reconstructive surgery – and the social hurdles they often face in fitting back into daily life, we know that severe burn victims don’t just need attorneys. Burn victims need friends.

Victims deserve the best medical treatment

At MichieHamlett, we understand the myriad of problems our clients who have suffered burn injuries have. We understand the heavy doses of fear, anger and sadness that come with a burn injury. We’ve also seen victims move past those emotions and live full and happy lives as survivors. While we’re working to get you the highest possible settlement for your injury, we’re also encouraging you to return to work, go out in public, and fight back against the social stigmas burn victims must often brave.

Our efforts to give our clients hope aren’t based on vague hope alone. Medical science is gaining strides everyday, especially in the fields of cosmetic surgery, where skin grafting and scar reduction surgery following accidents can restore severe burns that have occurred anywhere, including the face, hands, arms, legs and head. While cosmetic surgery cannot fully remove the emotional and physical pain that accompany severe burns, it can help reduce the gruesome physical reminders. We’ve seen cosmetic surgery and other burn injury treatments work wonders in countless cases.

Our goal at MichieHamlett is to make sure all of our clients can afford the highest level of specialized medical treatment, intensive physical therapy and cosmetic surgery that may be required to recover from the physical effects of a burn injury. Through our extensive involvement with burn victims in the past, we know and have worked with the very best burn medical specialists and centers in the nation, and regularly refer our clients to their care.

In most cases, insurance companies have a very different goal in mind when it comes to paying medical and other costs of a severe burn injury. That goal is to pay the victim as little as possible. Achieving that goal starts with attempting to persuade the victim that, regardless of the negligence of others at fault for causing your injury, you somehow don’t deserve the best burn injury care available. They know that following a burn injury, you will be at a very low point emotionally, and they have made a study of preying on those types of emotions.

They’re good at that, but not as good as MichieHamlett is at reminding you how important it is to obtain a fair settlement that will allow you to recover from your burn injury as quickly as possible and live a quality life. We back our encouraging words with a staff of the finest personal injury attorneys in Virginia, who excel in obtaining the judgment or settlement you’ll need to achieve this.

MichieHamlett burn injury attorneys represent clients struggling to obtain burn injury claims through a variety of channels. Burn injuries occur frequently on construction sites. Construction workers that incur burn injuries on the job are supposed to be covered through worker’s compensation, but many aren’t, and those who are rarely receive adequate coverage. We’ve represented hundreds of workers in helping them obtain just settlements.

We also represent burn injury victims of car accidents, truck accidents, electrical accidents, defective products, and many other types of personal injury accidents. Contact an MichieHamlett burn injury attorney today for the best legal representation to assist you with your burn injury.