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Charlottesville Car Accident Lawyer

Although cars are being manufactured with many new safety features, motor vehicle accidents remain a significant cause of injury and death in Virginia. In 2017, 843 people died in Virginia car accidents, and another 65,306 were injured. Motor vehicle crashes take a terrible toll in human life and productivity and are extremely costly as well.

If you are among this unacceptable number of Virginia accident victims, you’re probably experiencing firsthand the financial and physical hardships that follow an auto accident injury. Serious injuries cause serious suffering, disability, medical bills, and loss of income.

Examples of serious injuries from car accidents:

  • Neck Injuries
  • Brain/Head Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Limb injuries

If you can demonstrate the accident was caused by another person, you may be able to recover money to compensate you for the damages you’ve suffered. To do so, however, you will need to be able to prove that the other driver’s negligence, carelessness, or reckless driving was the cause of your accident and that the accident was directly responsible for your injuries and the associated damages. To do this, you should use the services of a well-established and experienced personal injury attorney.

Why You Need a Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law requires a specific set of skills and related experience, so you’ll want to find an attorney who handles car accidents, tractor trailer accidents, and other types of personal injury cases. At the MichieHamlett law firm in Charlottesville, we have an entire section that focuses on injury and wrongful death cases, many of which are related to car accidents. The attorneys in our personal injury division only work in this one practice area, so they develop a degree of expertise that is possible only when practicing a specific area of law every day, honing the skills that bring in significant recoveries for MichieHamlett clients.

The Insurance Company

When you’ve been injured as a result of a car accident, or if a close family member has been killed in one, you can expect a call or a visit from a representative of the other driver’s insurance company. Although your initial impression may be that the adjuster is trying to help you, be forewarned: the adjuster is working for the interests of the other driver’s insurance company.

The insurance company’s reason for existence is not to help the injured; it’s to make a profit, the bigger, the better. That means the company’s goal is always to pay as little as possible on any claim. So the adjuster will be looking for reasons to deny your claim, reduce its value, or persuade you to accept a small, quick, token payment in exchange for a full release, which will preclude you from getting any more money in the future, regardless of how serious your injuries turn out to be and how high the cost of treatment climbs.

It is almost never in your best interest to get involved with any discussion with the adjuster, especially making a recorded statement or signing medical authorizations or a release of any kind. The only words that need to pass between you and the insurance adjuster are a referral to your attorney, who will handle all settlement negotiations in a way that will protect your right to a fair recovery.

Skilled, Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers for Your Virginia Car Accident Case

At MichieHamlett, we know how to deal with insurance companies, and we have access to traffic safety experts and accident reconstructionists whom we can call upon to assist us in proving your case. We are skilled negotiators who are often able to settle car accident claims out of court, but we are also superb trial lawyers who will not hesitate to take your case to court if necessary to get you the size of recovery you deserve.

Put a dedicated Charlottesville accident lawyer to work on getting your recovery today. We offer a complimentary consultation to review your injury or wrongful death case and answer all of your questions honestly. We accept cases on contingency, meaning that you’ll never pay a penny out of pocket. We front all work and expenses, and you only pay us if we win money for you.