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    Personal Injury Videos

    Distracted Driving

    April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    MichieHamlett Attorney Greg Webb Speaks to CBS 19 News on Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving PSA

    "Just a Few Seconds" EndDD Video

    MichieHamlett Talks with WCAV Newsplex about Distracted Driving

    Dangers of Distracted Driving

    Three Types of Distracted Driving

    Getting the word out about Distracted Driving

    Visit our site for more on Distracted Driving

    MichieHamlett Attorney Greg Webb Talks About Distracted Driving

    Dangers of Distracted Driving

    MichieHamlett Attorney Greg Webb Gives an Interview on Distracted Driving on

    Fire Safety

    Fire Alarm Safety

    Winter Fire Safety

    MichieHamlett Attorney Greg Webb Gives an Interview on Fire Safety on

    Holiday Fire Safety

    Baby and Child Safety

    How to Babyproof Your Home

    Child Safety Seat Guidelines

    Child Safety Car Seats

    Kids and Concussions

    Babyproofing Your Home (Part 1)

    Babyproofing Your Home (Part 2)

    Back to School Safety

    Bryan Slaughter Advocates Teaching Kids to Act Safely Around Guns

    Bryan Slaughter Gives Information on Choosing Safe Toys for Your Child

    Road Safety

    Icy Roads

    Bicycle Safety Tips

    Pedestrian Safety

    Highway Safety PSA

    Car Safety Tips on MomsEveryday

    What to Do After a Car Crash on


    Introduction to Concussions

    What is a concussion?

    Concussions: Signs and Symptoms

    Concussions: What to Do

    Concussions in Sports

    Water Safety

    Water Safety Tips

    Water Safety

    In Case of Emergency

    Bryan Slaughter Shares Information about ICE Campaign in Central Virginia

    ICE program - In Case of Emergency

    Lee Livingston Talks About Patient Safety

    Lee Livingston: What to Look for in a Lawyer

    Stay Cool and Beat the Heat PSA

    Family Law Videos

    Estate Planning

    Power of Attorney and Living Wills

    Estate Planning

    Other Family Law Videos

    Pets are Property

    Gifts between spouses considered marital property

    Commercial Law Videos

    Other Commercial Law Videos

    Negligent Hiring Claims

    Classification of Employees

    David Thomas Health Care

    MichieHamlett Firm Videos

    88 Keys and the Historic Charlottesville Monticello Hotel